More and more online gambling websites today are beginning to support Wi-Fi devices. With this capability, online gambling apps can now be played on smartphones, tablets and even mp3 devices. Sony have taken their mobile device technology a step further, by developing a Sony wrist watch that connects to your Sony mobile phone.

With online gambling sites offering more opportunities for real money gambling, there has been an increase of gambling app downloads up to 98%. A good majority of these apps are supported by Android OS, which is the system that you will find on your Sony Mobile Device.

With your Sony mobile device, you can quickly access your gambling app when you want to play, and the screen allows for sharp and clear graphics. The safety features on the device allow for you to use your credit card, debit card or online wallets to make payments when necessary.


If you play on your Sony watch, you can still use your android device as normal. This watch is perfect for playing the slots as you only need to tap once.

There are a range of websites that have deliberately created Android OS casinos which work exceptionally well on a Sony Mobile Device. This device is excellent for gambling on the go, so if you are likely to access your online gambling site on the train as you head to work, or when you are in a waiting room, make sure you do so on a Sony.