Sky City Wharf Casino

There is much more to Sky City Queensland than its current casino. There is also the Wharf Casino, giving you a gaming experience that is truly extraordinary. This is a change in venue, a change in style and an unforgettable experience from the Sky City Queensland Casino. The Wharf Casino is the epitome of gaming luxury, a casino situation in the heart of the Steamer Wharf.

As a specialist casino, it has specific opening and closing hours. Therefore, players must plan when they want to experience and enjoy what this casino has to offer. It does not open on Christmas Day, Good Friday and up until 1 pm on ANZAC day. The casino is otherwise open daily from 11 am to 2 am.

Sky City Wharf Casino

To have a total Sky City experience, you should register for the Sky City Premier Cards for Wharf Casino that is exclusively for Wharf Casino customers. You will be able to enjoy a host of rewards and promotions that will make your gaming experience highly memorable. All these rewards and promotions are tailor made for this venue.

Other promotions for alternative Sky City properties will differ from those offered at Wharf Casino. As this is a new development, it will be some time before it is fully aligned with all the other Sky City Casinos.

To experience the Wharf Casino, you can check out this Quiz Night held every Monday night at the adjoining Thyme Bar and Restaurant.