Sky City Queenstown

Sky City Queensland offers a great escape for some weekend entertainment and a hand at casino games. This casino features 86 gaming machines, giving you plenty of variety to choose from as you look forward to winning some money and maybe even hitting the jackpot!!

You can also try your luck at one of the gaming tables. Four games are played at these tables and these are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Caribbean stud. These games are amongst the most popular casino games that you will find being played all around the world.

The Caribbean stud is unique at this casino as you can play against the dealer in a maximum of two betting rounds. If you find that you are thoroughly enjoying yourself, you can also enter for a jackpot bonus which can give you significant winnings in a single round.

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For customers looking for a super luxurious boutique gaming experience, the Horizon Room at Sky City Queenstown is for VIP’s only. To get access to this special room, all you need to do is call the casino and make an arrangement.  Experience the highest possible levels of service, with a full gourmet food and beverage arrangement.

The only disadvantage that some may find with this casino is its size, as it is smaller than some other casinos in the area. This smaller size however serves a purpose. It allows for a more intimate interaction with other players and the dealer as well.