With hundreds of online casinos in operation, the competition is pretty stiff. Payment solutions like POLi can give an online casino the edge over the others. This is why online casinos try to offer some great incentives to get players to become members. There are many ways to entice new players from New Zealand and one of the most effective ways is access to a secure, safe and reliable online payment deposit solution.

POLi is an excellent online payment solution that had been created specifically for Australian customers. Customers from New Zealand can now benefit from this efficient online payment method. It is highly efficient and has made casino transactions fast, simple and secure.

Using POLi to make deposits is safe and simple. After installing POLi on your computer, players select an internet banking account which they log into. This is used when they want to transfer money from their bank account to their POLi account.


Once the POLi account is set up and active, players can easily make deposits. Players select POLi as their payment method on their favorite New Zealand online casino website, and deposit into their online casino account.

Since POLi does not support making a casino withdrawal, players are encouraged to request a cheque from the casino or use a direct bank transfer to finalize transactions. The funds will then be sent to a bank account and players can access their money.

If you are using POLi for the first time and are not sure what to do, get in touch with their outstanding customer service and they will help you sort out any issues that you may face.