Christ Church Casino

The Christ Church Casino, New Zealand is a proper hive of activity. There are so many activities to take part in including a host of events, in house entertainment and restaurants and bars. As the first casino to open in Christ Church, it has set an excellent precedent for others to follow.

The gaming experience at this casino is quoted as being ‘truly an experience’ and that is an understatement. Open seven days a week all through the year, there are a range of table games and slot machines to be enjoyed. There is a distinct focus on fun, food and rewarding the gamblers who take the time to visit.

Christ Church Casino

Serious poker players can participate in New Zealand 2015 poker championships that will be held at the casino in August 2015. If you are looking to play a challenging game of poker aside from the championships, you are in luck as this casino attracts the world’s best poker players. There are tournaments being held all year round. Others have been known to shape their professional careers at the poker tables here.

The casino also has ‘Learn to Play’ events on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Beginners can take the opportunity to learn, and the try their hand at the numerous table games and slot machines available in the casino.

There are a host of packages available for anyone looking for a fun gaming night out. This is a great casino for anyone looking to experience excellent gaming.