ANZ Credit Card

Choosing a credit card to fund a casino account is one of the easiest ways to manage the account. Many players in New Zealand have credit cards that are active. If they choose to use a supported card such as the ANZ credit card, they can make a purchase at an online casino without having to search for a payment method online. The purchase will actually be the deposit amount that is made to the player.

The terms and conditions of the ANZ credit card state that where the funds are used to purchase ‘cash equivalent’ items such as gambling chips or travelers cheques, then the card can give a cash advance.


If you looking for a credit card then ANZ has multiple products in each card category, so whether you are a gambler who wants low rate, low fee, rewards or a frequent flyer credit card, you have several options to choose from.

Low Fee Credit Cards– The ANZ First and ANZ Platinum Visa credit cards are an option, if you plan to pay your online casino purchases in full each month. For what they offer, both products have a low annual fee. There is interest- free days on purchases too.

Rewards Credit Cards– This are also available where credit cards are linked to the ANZ Rewards Program, allowing players to earn rewards while the gamble and win.