American Express

When gambling online in New Zealand, it is not common to use an American Express Card. If you do opt to use this card, you will find it works just as easily as if you were making a regular purchase.

Many online casinos offer players a huge variety of casino payment methods. This is usually because players who gain access to the games in a casino are from various parts of the country – and even the world. Players will often use the same types of payment methods they access on a daily basis to manage their online accounts. Most casinos allow players to use a major credit card for casino transactions and this includes American Express.

American express

American Express is trusted, safe and secure, so these cards are a good option for casino players. More than being safe and sound, when you use American Express your funds will be available instantly. That means you don’t have to wait to play your favorite online game. American Express is also an ideal option for high rollers too as most casinos allow Amex players or users to deposit large sums of money.

Though the card is not popular among online casinos mainly because of the USA banking regulations when it comes to gambling, still a good number of online casinos do use it. Some of the best New Zealand online casinos will accept American Express Credit Cards.